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FastCalc works on iPhone®, iPod touch® and iPad®.

iPhone SE

This calculator is appreciated for its large keys and the constant display of its memories. It is especially effective for repetitive operations.

To select  a side symbol, drag your finger toward it from the center of the key.

To select  a side symbol, drag your finger toward it from the center of the key.

To erase only one character, do a small swipe to the left.

To gradually erase the expression, drag your finger slowly to the left.

To clear the entire expression, drag your finger quickly horizontally. The result of the last expression erased is stored in ANS.

Touch the result to store it in one of the memories.

To clear the memories, clear the expression first and then drag your finger again.

To see the menu, simply tap the display.

To make the copy paste menu appear, double-tap on the result or the display.

You can configure FastCalc using the settings panel:

FastCalc settings screen.
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FastCalc lite

Features :

Features of FastCalc and FastCalc free.

Users comments :

I own a small business, and though we use more elaborate software for tasks like budgeting and such, when I need a calculator quickly, I go with this one. At first I didn’t really think there could be that much of a difference in calculators, and I only looked into this one because of its larger numbers, but it truly is a superior calculator. Especially handy are the easy to use storage function and the simple swiping technology. This app is perfect for anyone who works with numbers.

- Steeve N 

I find this is a great app. It combines beautifully the features of a calculator with small modern touch screen technology.

Many activities are intuitive where you swipe your finger over a number to delete rather than hit a clear button.

Although it has a simple design it has features that are bound to appeal to an average user. For example, you can see the numbers stored in three memories, unlike other calculators where this is not possible. Great for repetitive calculations.

- Old Hand, Been Around

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